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How it Works

Background : In today’s day and age, a website has turned into more than just a website. It serves as an electronic business card and a marketing tool; it’s no longer a luxury but rather a necessity of running a business.
Problem : A local business wanted to redo their website, however there were quite a few hurdles for them to overcome. While there are many tools to pick from, such as templates, website builders, and plug-ins, they lack complete customization and force you to pick and choose certain aspects that are desired while sacrificing others. This was made worse by the influx of marketing companies building websites, as they don’t have as much control as a software company
Solution : Eixsys assessed the client’s needs and provided a long term projection and a comprehensive solution. A custom built website was recommended, which allowed for each necessary tool to be implemented into the website, such as e-commerce solutions like a shopping cart, as well as a live chat and a customer portal. The portal allowed for customers to make their own accounts on the website.
Result : There was an increase in customer satisfaction due to the live chat and ability to receive information at all times. The new e-commerce additions to the website added revenue, as they now had another avenue to sell their product. The customer portal also simplified the consumer’s experience, as they were able to keep track of their orders in one location.