Each type of cloud offering (public, private, or hybrid) provides different functionality. Each choice of platform (Azure, Amazon, Force.com, or Google App Engine) offers advantages distinct for certain situations.

Migrating to a cloud-based system is a simple process on your end and requires high-end expertise on our end to assure interoperability, especially if combining technologies from different cloud-based systems, but the results are well worth it:

First we conduct a thorough analysis and help you select the options best suited for you.

Then we customize or migrate your existing applications.

Last we train you, and if you want, we can even manage your application and infrastructure after you get set up.

// Migrating or developing cloud-based architecture requires:

A cloud-based infrastructure can provide great flexibility at just the right time. Agility, flexibility, the freedom to be fleet on the feet—these are key for a digital business that requires quick responsiveness with changing markets. A hybrid cloud approach provides security and balance, whether saving on expenses due to flexible offerings, the ability to quickly scale up or down, or meeting regulations and other compliance requirements.

To know which kind of cloud offering you should use, we assess your needs and bring the right balance to seamlessly integrate your cloud platform. We take care of the interoperability—the ability for disparate systems to talk with each other; you won’t experience a hitch. We take care of the planning, the deployment, the migration, and managing and controlling all resources, meaning we plan for resilience, cover your redundancy options, set contingencies for disaster recovery, do backups, and provide for ongoing support to make sure your transition is seamless and your business experiences continuity.

Note that with increasing numbers of companies offering services and migrating applications and data to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to make sure the applications in the cloud and those on-premises are fully integrated; sometimes this can be complex. Our experts can ensure your system is fully integrated, and we can show you how to use a simple ‘cloud console’ for working with integrated multi-cloud environments.

// Why should you consider Cloud Application Development? Besides the advantages of modernization, you benefit from:

There is power in the cloud, and our experts can show you how to harness it to maximize your return on investment. 

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

Application / Website Development Services
After analyzing your legacy system and assessing your needs, EIXSYS can custom-build software to your exact specifications. We build rock-solid systems that are both scalable and extensible so you can. With customization you have greater flexibility, and you can increase cost-effectiveness while keeping exposures to a minimum.