EIXSYS® develops software based on the latest technology. We specialize in simplifying, migrating, and modernizing electronic data exchange for business-to-business transactions. Our market is those companies that need interoperability between dissimilar data systems, including web-based data collections, data exchanges, auditing systems, and dynamic reporting systems. We are recognized for our low-cost, high value consulting and design that helps companies thrive in their market.

Because our consultants are modern IT experts, EIXSYS® is uniquely qualified to provide organizations with holistic assessments of existing Information Technology infrastructures across business units, thus determining cost-effective and sustainable modernized solutions that are aligned with organization capabilities.

We use the right assessment methodologies for each business to identify vulnerabilities in the network and IT infrastructure. Beyond out-of-the-box IT products and services, we offer optimized plans for customized modernization goals.

Regardless of your company’s size, legacy system, or the framework and regulation standards that you follow, EIXSYS® consultants can help you with your needs for compliance, IT system migration, and modernization. Bottom line: EIXSYS® turns data into usable information, and we do it better and at more affordable cost than our competitors. We invite you to compare.

“At EIXSYS®, what our clients think matters.” —Amin Salahuddin, President & CEO

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