EIX Systems consultants collaborate with providers to bring consulting services helping clients deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare.  We bring our superb expertise, helping our clients use IT to enhance business performance.

EDI Data Exchange:

EDI greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of data transfer. In an effort to streamline communications, providers are increasingly needing to adapt to industry regulations to continue competing in the large market. In the US, the healthcare industry was the first to be required to do this on a massive scale to meet HIPAA requirements. 

The founder of EIXSYS helped pioneer the architecture, training, and IT  solutions surrounding the very concept and purpose of HIPAA. Aside from the compliance aspect and the reputation that providers acquire when they operate with improved services, direct benefits include:

  • Improved information accuracy
  • Decreased administrative costs
  • Improved patient services
  • Better contract execution
  • Faster access to information
  • Stronger foundation for growth

Health Information Exchange & Reporting:
Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) brings the benefit of having the patient’s medical records at the point of care, greatly improving the diagnosis, cost, care, and outcome, for both the patient and the doctor. EHR is not the end, it’s a new begining. Health records are exchanges with insurance companies for incentive based payments, discharge summaries for continuity of care, reports for internal and government agencies, and much more.

Since IT professionals are increasingly being tasked with pressing business decisions based on the existing technological capabilities of the company, it is wise for management to be proactive in IT matters. Consider EIXSYS a trusted business partner. Let our professionals help you maximize your company’s technology by designing an efficient, relevant, agile, and scalable solution, allowing you to focus on more important things like staying ahead of your competition.

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What We Actually Do

Application / Website Development Services
After analyzing your legacy system and assessing your needs, EIXSYS can custom-build software to your exact specifications. We build rock-solid systems that are both scalable and extensible so you can. With customization you have greater flexibility, and you can increase cost-effectiveness while keeping exposures to a minimum.