Background :

Across all types of medical provider settings, telemedicine applications are rapidly evolving due to the demand in consumer trends which are shifting from office visits, phone calls, and home visits to a quick rapid telehealth solution.

Problem :

Telehealth Applications are a very costly development due to native Android and iOS. Developing on iOS and Android pose different challenges, as they’re developed in different languages, for different devices, and have different testing times, just to name a few. One of our clients required a solution to a few issues they had, such as scheduling for both their patients and employees.

Solution :

Eixsys developed a telemedicine platform as a module ready to be integrated in any cloud-based clinical workflow for hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare networks. We can integrate and design an interoperable telehealth Software as a Service (SaaS) for video-conferencing medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data, transmitting images and remotely monitoring patients.

Result :

This project delivered two client branded mobile applications, one each for iOS and Android. The app itself alleviated complexities of user experiences and provided secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing. The provider portal allowed a streamlined, efficient system for receiving and managing calls.