Background :

Insurance companies are required to provide on their website as online readable or printable format of all medication formulary by tier levels one of four, five or six categories known as copayment or coinsurance, based on drug usage, cost and clinical effectiveness. This allows consumers to review the covered formulary before they select the plan.

Problem :

The Rx Formulary are constantly updated, and health plans end up displaying formulary file published by PBM instead of displaying

Solution :

Eixsys has built an online digital solution with search, detail inquiry and printing capabilities allowing a complete digital Rx Formulary, to be imported as a text file using upload tools with edits and error reporting.

Result :

The consumer has the opportunity for a dynamic search for an Rx Formulary, as well as the ease of members being able to print a PDF of all drugs available on his or her plan. As this feature is conveniently built into the member mobile app, it eliminates the need for a carrier inquiry.