Security firm modernizes technologies and achieves 56% growth in One Quarter Security Services
Security Services
Background :

Companies are traditionally used to an onsite IT infrastructure, which includes web servers, app servers, database servers, and more. An alternative to this is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Problem :

As an onsite IT infrastructure requires many resources, the maintenance and support cost tend to skyrocket. On top of that, licenses and upgrades add to the costs.

Solution :

With the turn-key deployment of Azure PaaS, Azure can securely ingest, store, analyze, and interact with data while meeting compliance requirements. Eixsys implemented Azure to help diminish the costs of a legacy system, while allowing for unlimited scalability.

Result :

Switching to a cloud-based platform bypassed the need for costly support and maintenance. Outdated hardware was no longer an issue, as cloud-based platforms don’t require any hardware. This also allowed for a retention of knowledge and information; everything is stored securely on the cloud server, allowing access to anyone in the company who may need it. The most important result from implementing Azure is that the company could focus on what matters most: growing the company, whereas prior the headache of maintaining and supporting an onsite IT infrastructure took priority.