Background :

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows a computer to interact with humans through voice recognition and DTMF tones input via a keypad.Company’s host system responds to pre-defined inquiries, which can be automated. IVR systems are deployed in a company with high call volumes inquiries orproviding after hours services.

Problem :

There were high volumes of member and provider calls coming into an insurance carrier during business hours and after hours. The calls were typically surrounding member eligibility verification, status of an Authorization, or requesting ID cards.

Solution :

EIXSYS developed a call flow and an IVR system allowing the caller to identify themselves, informing them on approximate wait time, or for quick response proceeding with Automated system.

Result :

The system allowed providers and members the convenience and ease of receiving automatic and after-hours service, without burdening the healthcare carrier’s system. Our IVR system eliminates the need for a costly phone calls and response time was reduced significantly.