Background :

Employers offer health benefits to their employees and employee dependents, if any. There is a need for employees to search for plan options and get a quote and see which option fits their immediate needs. Once the employees are enrolled then benefits are managed throughout the year. In order to serve the needs of employer, Health Plans offer self-service portals to employers where then can get a quote, enroll in the selected plan and maintain the health benefits in a self-service system.

Problem :

A Health Plan has multiple enrollment systems and how the employer enrollment processes, as they don’t fall under the rules of Open Enrollment.

Solution :

EIXSYS has developed a process for multiple insurers, which connects various systems on a unified platform that parses various formats of inbound files into a single enrollment business rule and report generation engine. The solution allows consumers to obtain real-time quotes, along with a reference number to be conveniently used during the enrollment process.

Result :

This portal allows employers full access to their health plan. They are able to enroll or dis-enroll employees or their dependents on the portal, eliminating the need for a phone call. The payment information and employer contribution are securely stored for the purpose of processing monthly premiums.