Background :

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer data exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners.

Problem :

There are many moving pieces when it comes to EDI. It entails management of data translators, transformation, validation, compliance, extensive analysis, trading partner management, and standard version upgrades. The client recognized that their outdated infrastructure provided issues with high cost maintenance for the movement and manipulation of EDI compliance.

Solution :

Eixsys was hired to re-engineer and implement a robust, flexible and fault tolerant EDI Gateway, which allows for low-maintenance exchange of information between multiple trading partners to occur in an EDI format. Eixsys implemented Real-Time Interoperable Data Exchange (RIDE), which is a pre-designed data exchange gateway that communicates between portals, trading partners, and the database server in a secure self-hosted or cloud-hosted environment. This solution sends inbound and outbound health information in an X12 HIPAA mandated format. RIDE also provides many benefits, like error reduction and increased efficiency; the need for manual input, reporting, and extensive analysis of data is eliminated.

Result :

By incorporating an EDI Gateway and RIDE, our client reaped multiple benefits from each of them. The EDI Gateway lowered the transaction costs, as the need for paper, printing, filing, redundant storage, and postage are all eliminated. Compliance checks are also completed to ensure all data is submitted in a valid format, and there’s built-in trading partner management, which verifies that the proper clearinghouse is sending the transaction. To top it off, an immediate, valid, 999-acknowledgement file is transmitted to the clearinghouse, listing all errors founds. Interoperability allows for a steady stream of data to populate into your system, increasing the accuracy of reporting data and trends. Alongside that, patient safety is improved, as the system ensure the best patient care experience is provided.