Background :

Health Insurers allows licensed insurance brokers and producers to work directly as authorized insuranceagents with individuals or employergroups in order to sell the best insurance plan that fits the needs of their client. At the same time the agents receive commission for the service they provide. This service is provided once the broker enrolls in to the Insurance carrier system as Authorized agent.

Problem :

Brokers are not equipped with updated marketing material, plan product information, forms, real-time quote and seamless transition over to enrollment.

Solution :

Our solution drives the broker to sell your plan due to a self-service quoting system and adding value to efficiently manage their workflows, handle enrollment, billing, and customer service questions.

Result :

Our portal solution allows brokers the ease of enrolling and dis-enrolling members, tracking commissions, keeping track of payments. The broker can upload his or her license, W-9 and image of voided check into the portal and the carrier can perform upload verification as needed.