Background :

The increasing cost of self-hosted data centers are pushing companies to transition to Cloud, which can be public, private or hybrid. Hosting on the cloud relieves the stress and worries that come with maintaining the data, along with easy access to the data allowing for easier collaboration.

Problem :

A company stored their data and applications in a local data warehouse, but with a limited IT department, they wanted to focus on business operations opposed to maintaining and operating the data center.

Solution :

Cloud migration would allow the company to do just that. After a software audit and planning, Eixsys assisted with the migration to the public cloud, shifting all the applications and data in less than 2 weeks. Shifting to the cloud computing allows for almost unlimited scalability, with resources on demand when needed, without worrying about any of the maintenance or high overhead costs.

Result :

Migrating to the cloud allowed for IT costs to shrink, as there’s no need to purchase and maintain expensive systems and equipment, especially during idle time when such applications aren’t being used. This allowed them to optimize the staffing budget and focus on operations opposed to maintenance. Business continuity is another key advantage, as you can rest assured your data is protected through any crisis, including power outages and natural disasters. Being able to access your data quickly after crisis strikes, minimizes downtime and loss of productivity. 
❖ Reduces operating costs.
❖ Flexibility, as the cloud allows you to connect to your business anywhere, anytime.
❖ Scalability, quickly allowing your business the flexibility to scale operation and storage needs up or down.
❖ Managed IT infrastructure.