Background :

Customer Relationship Management systems, or CRM systems, are applications that allow you to store, organize, and manage a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. They use data analysis to focus on customer retention, and ultimately inducing sales growth, to improve business relationships with customers. CRM System Development

Problem :

A company noticed a downward trend of interaction with clients dating as far as 8 months back. With them choice of “playing it safe” and letting them go, or becoming more aggressive with their sales strategy, they chose the latter and reached out to Eixsys for a consult.

Solution :

Eixsys developed a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to alleviate these issues. CRM software deploys technology to organize, automate, and synchronize all aspects of business, like sales, marketing, and customer service. This allowed them to gather any relevant information on a client in one place and allowed collaboration between employees as it’s cloud-based.

Result :

A CRM system means less time for administration and more time for everything else, like meeting prospects or following up on meetings. The CRM set reminders to follow up on clients and tracked all customer communication systematically, along with problems and solutions. This increases the efficiency of the business, retaining existing customers and inducting new ones. The CRM system helped yield an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.