Security firm modernizes technologies and achieves 56% growth in One Quarter
Security Services
Problem :

Slow growth and low margins when growth potential was enormous. An established security firm was suffering from slow growth and low margins at a time when growth potential was enormous. After an internal evaluation, they realized that they had too many costs related to inefficient systems and business processes: in camera systems, guard reporting and monitoring, administration, customer support, and marketing. They needed to streamline these disparate systems and processes to maximize their operations, and revitalize the business. This would allow them to improve client services and retention, and just as importantly, free up resources to devote to new business development and growth.

Solution :

EIX Systems, after a business evaluation, determined that the firm’s problem could be solved by a routine IT assessment, followed by a re-designed website with a fully functional portal, connecting all security-related systems through a single interface (Camera Monitoring, Guard Reporting, Guard Management, etc.). As appropriate, clients and employees could access cameras, reports, etc. through a single, role-based web portal on the website. This same central portal also integrates role-based access to clients for customized Service Inquiries, Billing, Add-on Purchases, and accounting. In addition to the single portal integrating all key systems, EIX re-designed the website, so that it focused much more on customer satisfaction, new business development, and marketing.

Result :

As a direct result of the consolidation of disparate systems, the real-time interactive client/employee portal, the re-engineered website, and an aligned sales strategy, the firm has shown 56% growth in quarter-over-quarter sales so far. The CEO directly attributes the growth to implementing the comprehensive EIX technology solution, which takes advantage of modern technology to dramatically improve and simplify the efficiency of their systems and business processes.
It delivered:

  • Higher retention rates of clients impressed by the change and efficiencies
  • New business growth from prospects attracted by the unique value of the integrated portal security capabilities; and
  • Higher customer satisfaction from the real-time customer portal which closes the communication gap with clients, minimizing frustration and enhancing responsiveness.