Background :

Seasoned software developers or consultants develop a turn-key IT solution with a complete software implementation, starting with software design, development, quality assurance testing, and software deployment. The system is then transferred for ongoing inhouse updates and maintenance.

Problem :

In-house IT resources are managed, trained and retained. Many times, resources are not utilized completely but are retained to support the functionality in-case a need arises. High overhead IT maintenance and support costs are constantly increasing when technology upgrades or resources are unable to be retained. Ongoing System Maintenance.

Solution :

Since resources are not utilized 100% for infrastructure, application, security, and support. Eixsys was contracted as outsource system maintenance company. Our strong project management supported by ticketing systems such as Jira and DevOps we were able to manage and maintain high performance applications with a drastically lower cost. Using these systems gives the ability to define workflow and increase productivity by managing daily tasks while tracking the progress of work.

Result :

With the ability to outsource systems maintenance, our clients were able to focus on their core business function, with a streamlined IT project management system. The process of maintaining the IT system become more cost efficient, saving up to 50%.