Background :

Our Auto towing client is a family owned car dealership, towing company, and a salvage yard. Located in Phoenix, Arizona. The client provides 24/7 towing services in over 41 states and purchase pre-owned vehicles. EIXSYS was hired as IT Consultant to provide consulting services and the best approach to automate the business process.

Problem :

There were multiple third-party systems, including a CRM, car value finder, scrap metal value finder, towing dispatching system, and many paper-based processes in place such as purchase offer, vehicle drop confirmation, and other critical processes. Multiple resources and paper trail records were dependencies. This caused issues with client follow-up missing schedules, tracking inventory management, and several other issues which were the impediment to providing world class customer service and relationship development.

Solution :

EIXSYS was hired to design and build a comprehensive towing dispatch system, that included online scheduling, inventory management, CRM, Point of Sale, and a Client facing Mobile Application. The mobile app allows customers to place an order for pick-up, which then automatically goes into cue for the tow truck driver. Once the tow truck driver receives and confirms the order, the customer receives an update on the status of the driver.

Result :

This system provides a seamless experience for client and system users. It informs the driver where the closest location to tow the vehicle is located via GPS tracking. If they decide to purchase any damaged vehicles, our system will provide a real-time value of the car based on current scrap metal prices. From this point, it allows an automated offer to be placed to the seller. If the seller agrees, money is transferred automatically to the sellers account once the title is cleared/received. The dynamic towing dispatch system was automated in scheduling and assigning task to resources based on GPS or manual overwrite. Both drivers and customers went mobile and the entire system was setup on a private cloud.