Amin Salahuddin President and CEO

A visionary with a proven track record, Amin defines success through extremely satisfied clients.

Amin Salahuddin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Amin Salahuddin founded EIX Systems in 2010 with a vision of dramatically improving the way healthcare data is exchanged in the wake of new, rigorous government healthcare rules and mandates. EIX Systems later evolved into EIXSYS®.

Amin is a nationally recognized expert on Healthcare Administration, compliance, and Information Technology.

While leading and managing architecture teams in various organizations and interacting with countless vendors, consultants, and intermediaries, Amin developed a unique, systematic approach to meet the evolving mandates for his organization, while simultaneously simplifying the infrastructure deployment in a dramatically efficient way.

Amin holds a Masters in Technology Management with a minor in Business Administration. In addition, Amin is a 2016 graduate of Leadership Round Rock. He is a former board member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and is the co-founder and past President and CEO of Eixsys Healthcare System, a non-profit charity serving the uninsured.

EIXSYS® has in recent years expanded its reach and applied its expertise to other fields, and today, Amin brings his vast experience in the IT field to many industries, in addition to healthcare.