Our founder, Amin Salahuddin has always been an advocate of giving back to the community either by joining an existing project or initiating a new project to fill the gaps of desired needs of communities around the nation. Currently Eixsys has two ongoing projects, and is supporting various non-profit organizations.

Project One:

In 2012, Mr. Salahuddin laid the foundation for developing a non-profit healthcare system that would give back to the community by providing free medical services for the uninsured. Through partnerships with communities and local physicians, both uninsured and insured individuals from all cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds that cannot afford to see a doctor can receive proper healthcare. Amin has always understood the importance of healthcare and the gap that exists within our country’s healthcare system. Through Eixsys Healthcare System, we are able to bring healthcare and health awareness to all by providing free clinics and community activities.

Free Clinics Initiated Under Project One

Today, EHS already has three fully functional clinics running in Austin, TX, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Harrisburg, PA. By partnering with the federal government (HRSA.GOV), hospitals, community centers and community physicians, we can pursue our mission of expanding the free clinics to provide healthcare for those in need nationwide. To learn more go to ehsclinic.org.

Project Two:


Austin Entrepreneur Incubator (260+ Members)

Started in 2014 as Austin-B2B-Development-Group, Austin Entrepreneur Incubator focuses on business startup culture. From early stage development, to management training, the Incubator’s purpose is to help encourage economic growth and development, and to equip businesses with strategies critical to building and growing. Along with what an incubator traditionally does, the Austin Entrepreneur Incubator also serves as a mentorship program, with 4 companies currently participating in the program.

Other Non-Profit Projects We Support: