Founder Amin Salahuddin has always been an advocate of giving back to the community. In 2012, he decided that EIX Systems would create a non-profit called EIXSYS Healthcare System (EHS), and this non-profit would give back to the community by providing free medical services for the uninsured. Amin has always understood the importance of healthcare and the gap that exists in our country, where numerous individuals simply cannot afford to go see a doctor. The uninsured is a diverse population from all cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Today, EIXSYS Healthcare continues the mission of providing for the uninsured at two locations, including Austin, Texas and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  EHS partners with numerous physicians and other community members in both states in order to provide needed services.  In addition to holding the free clinic, EHS is also involved in community activities, bringing healthcare and health awareness to all.

Community Projects: