Today, Healthcare Organizations are under enormous pressure to adapt to the quickly evolving dynamics of healthcare, which is driving the need to use and deploy resources as efficiently, effectively, and reliably as possible.

One of the primary challenges to managing this ongoing integration effectively is the growing complexity of current systems architecture, which has evolved into a scattered network of vertical transactional applications, all accessing the same Data Source set, with redundant processes, maintenance, and development needs. These problems are only exacerbated by the new compliance requirements that must be continually updated across all of the vertical external and internal applications. Not to mention the new data, collaboration, and market challenges…

How is EIXSYS the Solution?

Deploying EIXSYS Gateway, a middleware solution, helps overcome the above mentioned challenges. EIXSYS Gateway uses a predesigned data exchange gateway that communicate between portals, trading partners, and the database server, in a secure self-hosted or cloud-hosted environment, tracking and monitoring all information requests in a centralized repository.

RIDE is designed to help Health Plans streamline their workflows and processes with increased efficiency and error reduction, as the need for manual input, reporting, and analysis of data is eliminated.  In addition, clinical outcomes and overall population-level healthcare improves due to real-time information sharing and trend analysis, improving patient safety, while ensuring the best patient-care experience possible.  Finally, RIDE increases the accuracy of reporting data and trends, as interoperability allows for a steady-stream of data to populate into your system.