ITaaS—IT-as-a-Service—applies as much to cloud-based technology as it does to cafeteria-style services, technological upgrades, and third-party outsourcing. At EIXSYS, ITaaS encompasses myriad software, hardware, and paid services used in creating, storing, exchanging, and using business data. Our EIXSYS professionals consider platform and infrastructure constraints and customize our offerings based on each company’s unique needs. Even small companies can use ITaaS to achieve consistency, lower costs, and improve delivery.

Making use of ITaaS can transform your company’s IT department from a cost-center to a strategic part of the enterprise. Adopting IaaS encourages IT to become a collaborative rather than restrictive or combative resource, delivering solutions that more effectively meet the needs of the business. Further, experienced IT professionals can build hybrid offerings that making use of both internal and external resources, expanding the perception that IT should be included in all business decisions. In some cases such inclusion is vital to prevent individual selections by departments that can result in redundant or patchwork solutions. Optimally developing an effective ITaaS strategy can prevent the ‘shadow’ IT movement, which in some cases can be deceptively hard to expense, track, and contain.

What is Shadow IT?
Spawned by the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, Shadow IT includes all applications that are acquired without the IT department’s explicit knowledge or approval and whose use is not covered by IT service management. This includes software, cloud apps, workflows, and even hardware, often procured to accomplish tasks by individuals or departments but without IT approval or oversight. While innovative solutions may be vital to research and development, they can also cause problems by failing to adhere to a company’s need for compliance, control, documentation, and need for consistent results. Further, some downloaded or personally acquired applications can inadvertently jeopardize the company’s security. Despite its drawbacks, the use of personal solutions is growing, highlighting the need for a company-wide solution.

ITaaS brings a different value to the role of IT in a company. Depending on the services chosen, the benefits of using ITaaS can include:

  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Financial transparency with regular, predictable expenses
  • Continuous monitoring of services
  • Up-to-date software/hardware offerings with regular software upgrades and patches
  • Professional consulting with rapid deployment
  • Expert technical support with compatibility guarantee
  • Flexibility, scalability, and portability
  • Tax advantages

Since IT professionals are increasingly being tasked with forging business decisions based on the existing technological capabilities of the company, it is wise for management to be pro-active in IT matters. Consider EIXSYS a trusted business partner.

Let our professionals help you maximize your company’s technology by designing an efficient, relevant, agile, and scalable system. That way you can focus on more important things like staying ahead of your competition. Besides making life easier, EIXSYS ItaaS will save you money.