EIXSYS is uniquely qualified to evaluate any existing technological infrastructure, from local machines and processes to area networks, mainframes, and sourced resources.

What is risk in a IT world? Risk is the likelihood of a given threat exercising a particular potential vulnerability and the resulting impact of that adverse event on the organization. The purpose of an IT Risk Assessment is more than just to protect a company’s IT assets; it is to assess the organization’s ability to perform its primary mission in the face of real-world threats. Risk assessments and related documentation are also an integral part of compliance with HIPAA security standards.

An IT Risk Assessment methodically identifies risk, evaluates risk, and recommends steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level within a company’s budget and other constraints. The ultimate goal is to help companies better manage IT-related tasks and reduce exposure to their business operations. To that end, an EIXSYS IT Risk Assessment provides vital information in recognizing and evaluating present and potential risks and suggesting ways to mitigate the harm, which includes recommendations for moving forward.

These days, a formal IT Risk Assessment is increasingly being seen as essential for helping management make well-informed risk management decisions and to justify the expenditures that are part of an IT budget. Here’s what we cover in every EIXSYS IT Risk Assessment:

  • Assess legacy systems against best practices / discovery
  • Evaluate business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Identify gaps and system dependencies (product, processes and personnel)
  • Identify scope of work and gather requirements (current and developing)
  • Map current business processes
  • Identify system interoperability issues
  • Assess security and system vulnerability under differing conditions
  • Inventory and track software and licenses
  • Check network infrastructure
  • Evaluate high cost of current IT system against lower-cost sustainable models

IT Risk Assessment is not just for technology companies or large operations. An in-depth IT Risk Assessment can benefit a wide range of businesses. The following is just a small sample of how some companies have benefited from an EIXSYS IT Risk Assessment.

Results of EXSYS IT Risk Assessment:

  • REAL ESTATE A full risk assessment revealed a real-estate legacy system in a major metro area had been showing lag, which caused them to be less efficient and hurt their image. After a thorough assessment, we recommended a cloud-based system for real estate brokers, realtors, and agents that would provide a cohesive one-stop site that integrates multiple systems on one portal interface. This system is in active use now.
  • LOCAL SUPPLIER After assessing the needs of a local supplier, we developed a cloud-based Drop-Ship system to run their entire business over the cloud. Their new system is interoperable with QuickBooks for up-to-date financial and purchase-order tracking. Now their business is growing. Small job. Large results.
  • AUTO INDUSTRY We studied and analyzed the current United States limousine and car service provider industry. The Risk Assessment identified multiple gaps in areas such as portal, accounting, reservation/cancellation systems, and driver assignment technology. We developed a cohesive system to close those gaps, and this system is in active operation today.
  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION  An IT Risk Assessment lead an industrial services provider to request EIXSYS to develop a cloud-based system that integrates service call scheduling, warranty expiration, inventory system, B2B integration with suppliers, office management, employee assignment, and many other features. This system is now available internationally for foreign-based service providers.

Our EIXSYS experts are thorough. Here’s just some of the valuable information you receive following your IT Risk Assessment:

  • Gap Analysis Report
  • Current IT System Loss Ratio
  • Processes and Resource Impediments
  • Various other Reports and Recommendations

An IT Risk Assessment is only the beginning. Following your assessment, our consultants can help you plan when and how to implement the recommendations so your organization can begin saving both time and money, all while doing what you do better and more efficiently. After all, that’s what good business is all about.

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