After analyzing your legacy system and assessing your needs, EIXSYS can custom-build software to your exact specifications. We build rock-solid systems that are both scalable and extensible so you can. With customization you have greater flexibility, and you can increase cost-effectiveness while keeping exposures to a minimum.

We also provide training to increase your understanding. The more you know about how collaborative systems work, the better decisions you can make as you move forward in your transition to modern technology. Customizing your applications when you have specific needs or complex problems to address can give you a great return on your investment, and we have just the experts who can do that.

Look at this business scenario:

Business Challenge: “I can’t find what I need on the open market. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but what I’m finding looks like overkill. My company wants something simple that’s really easy to customize, and what I’m finding just isn’t flexible enough.”

Technical Challenge: Ascertain needs and help the company IT person with rationale to be able to get corporate buy-in. The application must be straight-forward, powerful, easy to tweak, and extendable on the same framework to account for future expansion and growth.

Solution: We provided customized software built to specification that provided exactly what the customer wanted. Our expert consultants ran an analysis to help clarify the customer’s needs and introduced options that minimized their risks and satisfied their requirements. We also provided training so they could build out their architecture at their own pace, which was what they wanted.

Benefit: The business is operating light-years more efficiently, and they were able to address the functional gaps that had concerned them. This solution saved them more money than they thought as they are reducing their development cycles and conducting business at a pace they can handle with their ever-evolving business and technology goals.