Portals (Payers, Providers, Members)

Electronic Interoperable Exchange Systems, LLC (EIX Systems) is an Austin, Texas-based software development and technology Company specializing in Healthcare interoperability and data exchange between disparate systems and applications. We provide interoperability solutions across and between all stakeholder systems: payers, hospitals, providers, ACO’s, HIX’s, HIE’s, FQHC’s, and patients. Our products and services work to increase connectivity and to enable patient-centric information flow to improve the quality and efficiency of care.

Core Integrated Solution Expertise:

  • Data Exchange Service (Single HIPAA-ready Exchange Gateway w/ central auditing)
  • CORE Phase I, II & III Compliant Exchange
  • Unlimited transactions & trading partners
  • Hospital and Provider Portals
  • CCD Builder\EMR\HIE
  • Extract Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Other Areas of Expertise: Enrollment, ACA, EDI, Claims, Portals, HIE, CCD, ESB, SOA, SaaS, E-Commerce, HL7, X12, .NET

EIX Healthcare Expertise (Payers, Providers, Clearinghouses, TPA’s, etc.)
In addition to our solution designs and proven methodologies, we will apply our direct expertise and all of the lessons learned from previous projects to shorten your learning curve and ensure that there are no missteps or oversights during the process. We will engage closely with your team so that we can impart our knowledge-base, enabling them to acquire and apply our interoperability techniques and methodologies going forward.
“IT modernization” uses Application and Integration Middleware (AIM) applied in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) manner.

Value Prop

  • Ability to merge multiple systems into unified robust system
  • Save time and lives by adding pertinent information to a single screen
  • Bring life to legacy investments by merging with newer technology
  • Save millions in cost by eliminating redundancies
  • Enables future data exchange compliance

For more information on our Healthcare Preventative Care Solutions, please contact Scott Buchanan at EIX.

This is a typical business scenario:
Business Challenge: “Our business had an outdated claims system with limited functionality. We were not able to take on the requirements of a large client we had been seeking.”

Technical Challenge: Costly yet limited patchwork customizations had led to an inflated IT support staff and left little room to grow.

Solution: We paired a cloud-based administration software with selected Business and IT Services to get the flow going so they could continue to grow their business.

Benefits: The new system provided the flexibility, functionality, and technology needed to modernize their operations. They could take on new, larger clients and focus on in-house training for vastly superior customer service. In addition, their modernization costs were offset by their ease of use and enhanced services, fully compliant with the upcoming filing and reporting regulations. The ease with which this modern, user-friendly, trouble-free solution can be extended to facilitate new technical requirements will support this company’s growth for years to come.