Yes, I switched, but I will continue to search for a member centric health insurance company where all members are offered access to medical staff regardles#s of the risk pool they belong in. I am not a high-risk member with a pre-existing medical condition, because those members are the only one’s whom are assigned a medical management personnel with direct access, as a strategy to reduce medical loss ratio. I am from the healthy pool who contributes to balance the account, but I do get sick and need access to information anytime around the clock at my fingertips. Today mobile based technology is utilized commonly in banks, social media, communication, travel and many other industries. Why not in the health insurance industry?

If high risk members have access to medical management, then why can’t I have access to providers via mobile based telemedicine as part of my benefits? When needed, I should be able to search for urgent care clinics in my area who accept my insurance. I should be able to search in real-time for the medications covered under my plan so I can consult with the doctor to possibly switch prescription while I am in the office. Based on my benefit plan, I should be able to see what is the approximate cost of my doctor’s visit while I am in the office and not after a month when I receive a bill. As a member, I would further like to see and track authorization/referral status to save hectic phones calls between doctor’s offices.

Finally, my medical information is scattered between hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacy and other providers and their systems can’t talk to each other, the interoperability issue. Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) has restricted covered entities to share my medical information, without the medical release form signed by me. If an insurance company can allow me to view, download and share my own medical information on my own terms then what’s wrong with that?

As health insurers are working towards reducing medical loss ratio, I am also interested in saving not just out-of-pocket expenses because my monthly premiums are already too high, but time as well. I will continue my search or work with a health plan and make them member centric as my 2017 goal.

LikeOnce again, I switched my Health Insurance company