EIXSYS understands what it takes to manage the entire supply chain, from needs and inventory to timely coordination with a myriad of providers, all with their own needs, inventory, and logistical operations.

Supply Chain Managers operate behind the scenes between Suppliers (wholesalers or distributors) and Customers (buyers).They take the orders from clients, send them invoices, send the purchase orders to wholesalers or distributors, track the goods, log and track back-orders, expedite priority orders, and keep an up-to-date catalog of goods so items aren’t ordered when not available. Any glitch along the way can cause an unexpected chain-reaction and may even damage business relations and reputations.

EIXSYS has developed an innovative solution that enables you, your clients, wholesalers, and distributors to do everything needed along the supply chain and more.

  • Cloud Based Drop-Ship System
  • Integrated System
  • Web Portal

Known as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), the EIXSYS Supply Management System can simplify your business practices and save you money!

The Web Portal includes:

  • Customized Web Content
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Client Accounts\Registration
  • E-Catelog
  • Shipping Company Login
  • Graphical Design
  • Social Media Links
  • SEO Friendly Design
  • Client Accounts\Registration
  • Hassle-Free Project Assistance
    and Support
  • Corporate Email

EIXSYS is expert in this space. We challenge you to find anyone with better quality and price.Let EIXSYS simplify your business practices today. We’ll save you money!