Healthcare – Interoperability, Compliance, and Health Reform.

EIXSYS specializes in Healthcare interoperability and data exchange between disparate systems and applications. We provide interoperability with all stakeholder systems—payers, hospitals, providers, ACO’s HIX’s, HIE’s, and patients. Our products and services increase connectivity so patient-centered information can flow more easily where and when it is needed. This smoothed communication improves both the quality of care the patient receives and the efficiency of providing that care.

EIXSYS has expertise integrating the core functions of Payer IT:

  • Interoperability between systems & applications
  • EDI transactions
  • CAQH CORE Compliant Exchanges
  • Gaps-in-Care Medical Alerts for Preventative Care
  • Data Exchange Service (Unlimited transactions & trading partners)
  • EMR Builder (CCD/EMR/EHR)
  • Healthcare Portals (Payer, Provider, Hospital, Member, Patient)
  • Extract Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Other Areas of Expertise: Enrollment, ACA, EDI, Claims, Portals, HIE, CCD, ESB, SOA, SaaS, E-Commerce

Bottom Line: EIXSYS creates a sustainable competitive advantage by helping organizations maximize their assets and resources to take advantage of Health Reform’s market opportunities.