EIXSYS RENTAL MANAGER-Your Complete Business Solution, Anywhere, Anytime

E-RM-Portable, Durable software with cutting edge mobile and cloud technology

Key Features

  • Product Availability, both current and future
  • ‘Rent Out’ and ‘Return By’ Line Item
  • Ability to List Multiple Branches/Lines of Business
  • Real-Time Reporting through Integrated Information Portal
  • Inventory Tracking, Reminders, and Management
  • No Software Installation—only requirement is Internet!

Rental Management
Simplify complex rental offerings and track inventory from a single screen. You access it similar to the way you would access your bank accounts online. Customers, orders and inventory are easily managed thorough powerful tracking, organization and communication features with members.

Inventory Management
EIX Rental Manager includes everything you need as a rental business to manage your inventory. We give you total control to import, export, update entire inventories and organize your products by categories.

Invoicing & Billing
Generating invoices based on case type and external entity fee schedule provides  transparency through price breakdown and full tracking of payment methods and intervals.

About EIX Rental Manager
EIX Rental Manager is a flexible web based equipment rental system to simplify your business. We know that no two rental businesses are exactly alike. EIX Systems offers both our out-of-the-box system and a customized solutions for your local and regional rental operators across equipment, tool, toys and specialty markets. The most painful part of the growing business is transitioning from a semi manual system to an automated system. EIX Rental Manager is the right solution to start your rental business, and will keep track of inventory, check-in/out, returns, scheduling, reminders, accounting and many other features.