Often I meet people who see investors as individuals who put money in a business/idea and make profit. To me, an investor is an individual who commits to a cause with both money and time. The cause can be building family ties, a community project, business, etc. Further, a successful investor is loyal and dedicated to his work. Allow me to elaborate.

First, for an investor, making profit is not the only scenario; return on investment can also be a loss. Second, let’s think about the story of a young boy who asked his father, “Dad, how much money do you make in an hour?”. The father replied, “$40”. So the son ran to his room and came back with a wad of crumpled bills in his hands. After counting and handing the money to his father the son said, “Dad, can I please buy an hour of your time?”. The moral of the story here is that successful investment in any endeavor requires commitment with both money and time in a harmonious balance.

This brings me to my final point, as an entrepreneur, the importance of loyalty and dedication when it comes to a client’s project. “In my clients’ success is my success” has been my mantra for the past 6 years as the CEO of EIX Systems. I’m committed to my clients’ success and as a result I continue to receive positive reaction from my clients and I have seen a constant growth in my business over the years.

In conclusion, in my point of view each one of us is an investor. We are all investing our money, time, and ourselves in something. If its success we are looking for in our undertaking then we have to keep in mind that we have to be more than just financially invested in our cause. Time, devotion, and loyalty in addition to money are an integral part of successful investment.

Thank you #RoundRockChamber for recognizing and presenting me with the 2016 Investor of the Year Award!