EIXSYS – Our Legacy is Innovation and Experience

Begun as EIX (Electronic Interoperable Exchange) Systems to help organizations meet compliance with rapidly changing government regulations, EIXSYS now provides robust, reliable, role-based systems for dynamic data collaboration and reporting in a mature environment.

EIXSYS was founded by Amin Salahuddin, a maverick innovator in the healthcare IT industry. Based in Austin, Texas, our expertise is designing next-gen data collection-exchange-reporting systems that are highly customizable, easy to implement, and less costly than other systems.

Simply put, EIXSYS turns data into usable information. We do this by expertly mapping key data to disparate data sources. Our goal is to make data affordable for any company seeking to compete in the technological age. With better, more reliable data in the right place and at the right time, we can help businesses change their world.

Want to know more?

EIXSYS looks at the ‘big picture’ of needs, design, structure, data, and record integration with disparate data sources, allowing big data collaboration with local, regional, and national organizations. Our team is extremely talented, both in technology and in advanced business processes, and we have excellent communication skills, critical to outreach and collaboration.

We at EIXSYS focus on quality software development with emphasis on meeting the unique business needs of each customer. We create efficient solutions, maintain high quality standards, and constantly seek to exceed customers’ expectations. The depth and breadth of expertise we bring to evaluate any existing technological infrastructure is exceptional. Likewise, EIXSYS takes pride in the commitment and investment that our clients make towards information technology.

We at EIXSYS also feel that BUILDING AND KEEPING TRUST with the community needs to be a key priority for winning projects. That is why gaining, building, and keeping the critical trust of our customers and the community is so important to us. We know that our very success depends, to a great degree, on the level and quality of engagement, communication, customer service, transparency, and superior support that we provide.

“At EIXSYS, what you think matters.” —Amin Salahuddin